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Majestic Cleaning Service was started in 1994 in Loveland Colorado.​

I had been in the nursing field for around 20 years and was experiencing some burn out. I started final cleaning new construction homes with a cousin, on my days off, and really enjoyed the work. The idea developed into starting my own cleaning service. I started cleaning for several home builders in the area and then began to look into commercial construction. My first large commercial project was the new Rocky Mountain High School in Ft Collins Co. This was a 120,000 S/F project which was much larger than anything I had done before. This required me to hire some employees, invest in some more supplies and we were able to get this project completed on schedule with no problem.

I developed a thriving business in that area and then, in 1996 I had an unexpected move to Tucson AZ where I had to start all over again. My first Tucson project was a new Carl's Jr restaurant. It was 107 degrees in Tucson that day and I learned real quick that windows need to be done at sun up, during the summer here in the desert. My first large job in Tucson, was final cleaning the new DeConcini Federal Building in downtown Tucson. This building was 6 stories and 420,000 S/F. Construction was booming during this time and from there, my business took off and I had to keep hiring until I had around 32 employees. Around 2008 the construction industry took a dip and I found it necessary to develop a janitorial division to Majestic Cleaning Service. Around 2010 my son Casey moved to Tucson to be part of Majestic Cleaning Service.

His skills and expertise branched us off into yet other areas of cleaning. We invested in an auto scrubber floor machine, other floor equipment, and a hot water power washer. These things required an investment in a trailer to transport this equipment. Over the last 23 years, we have cleaned nearly every imaginable type of project 

from small, to up to 720,000 S/F We have learned how to effectively remove substances from nearly every surface, without damages. If it can be cleaned, we can do it. We have a lot of good references that are available upon request. My company has a good reputation and people who work with us, know my company as honest, ethical, and knowing how to tackle every job effectively, and on schedule. My goal is to develop Majestic Cleaning Service into a long term, and lasting source of income for many other families. Contact us. We want your job. Eunice Richard (Owner) Casey Richard (Operations Manager).


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